Text mining workflows on the cloud.

TextFlows is an open-source online platform for composition, execution, and sharing of interactive text mining and natural language processing workflows.

TextFlows offers composition of executable graphical representations (workflows) of complex procedures by combining processing components from:

  • text mining
  • natural language processing (NLP)
  • machine learning
  • information retrieval (IR)
  • information extraction (IE)
  • knowledge management

Visual programming

The graphical user interface used for constructing workflows follows a visual programming paradigm which simplifies the representation of complex procedures into a spatial arrangement of building blocks.

Cloud based architecture

The cloud based nature of the platform offers distributed text processing on a cluster of machines, as well as the ability for you to work from anywhere at anytime. No installation required!

Open source algorithms

Implementations of numerous open source algorithms and NLP libraries allow easy reproduction of text mining and NLP experiments.

Contribute and share your work

TextFlows offers a framework for sharing data and workflows, thus, making them available to a broad audience.

Document preprocessing workflow example:

a screenshot of a simple preprocessing workflow

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